What’s the story?

49946796_2115828682063216_5972856356774871040_nHi! I’m Natalia – Nat for short. I’m insanely excited to finally venture out into this creative outlet I’ve been wanting to explore for so long. I absolutely love creative writing and after going through countless journals over the years, I figured I’d find my voice on this platform. Mixed in with my passion for plant-based living, mindfulness and the environment, for mama earth was created.

It goes without saying that as citizens of the developed western world, we are incredibly privileged to have access to the opportunities in life that we do. What goes often unnoticed though, are the environmental implications of our affluent lifestyles. Though the awareness of our environmental impact is becoming more and more prominent, we’re very much still stuck in the syndrome of cognitive dissonance. We can’t transform the political or economic system we depend on over night, but we can begin to break the stigma by becoming aware and recognizing the importance of individual action. That is exactly what I hope for mama earth serves as – a platform of resources for easy and accessible ways to tend to Mama Earth through everyday sustainable practices. Whether it be something as simple as using reusable canvas bags or eating less meat, every effort has the potential to spark a domino effect.

It’s time we give back to our planet.

I invite you to join me on this journey.


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