Prague Food Festival 2017

Great food, locally-brewed beer and even better company.

The city’s annual food fest is well-known to be a symbolic catalyst for summer feels in the city. Warm weather, cloudless skies, tasty food and cheap quality beer – truly not much more you could ask for. Formally speaking, the Prague Food Festival kick started 11 years ago to create an atmospheric connection between high-end gastronomy and the average food lover. Best part is, a portion of the proceeds from admission tickets goes to The Akshaya Patra Foundation, largest NGO helping fight hunger and malnutrition in India.

My uncle’s network-savvy self was able to hook us up with tickets and the gang, along with my parents who flew into town, headed out for Day 2 of the festival. Located in the stunning Vyšehrad Castle gardens atop a cliff overlooking the city, it truly felt surreal.


The festival hosted dozens of vendors from fancy high-end restaurants in Prague and although I was slightly disadvantaged by my vegan ways, I was really looking forward to trying out Etnosvět, a combination of French and Indian vegetarian/vegan cuisine – and boy did they come through. I mean look at this cooked veggie and sweet cabbage sushi roll!


And for all the meat lovers out there, the festival had just about everything you could imagine. From lamb based Czech dishes to American style beef sliders and anything else you’d expect a meat loving Central European city like Prague to serve.

Whether you’re an avid foodie or far from a qualified food connoisseur like myself, the Prague Food Festival offered something for everyone. Not to mention the beer. Oh my, the beer. Canada’s draft choices can’t remotely come close in comparison. I mean, Czechs are #1 beer consumers in Europe for a reason right?

The smiley gang. Plus dad behind the camera.

Positive energies always.


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